Edison Global Academy, Lusail provides top-class facilities with the latest classroom technologies available. It is our aim to provide all of our students with a solid foundation for future learning and challenges ahead. 

Our Premises


Our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest available classroom resources and technologies. With large windows we are fortunate enough to have classrooms filled with natural lighting overlooking the beautiful Fox Hills North, Lusail City. Our classrooms have been designed with age-appropriate classroom furniture to provide comfort for our students so that they feel comfortable, and ready to learn. 


Our Theatre has been designed professionally to mimic a cinema seating set-up which provides excellent comfort for students. In the theatre, our students enjoy celebrations, assemblies, parent meetings, presentations and visits from special guests when they provide lectures for our students. 

Event Hall:

Our Event Hall has elegantly been put together to provide an aesthetically spacious area with several tables. This area is sometimes used amongst our Staff during their training sessions and meetings or, if we have any special event happening within the school. 


Our school has a very large Library which is home to a wide-range of books for all ages. We aim to adopt a love for reading throughout the students academic journey. Our Library provides a quiet, yet warming environment with suitable furniture and comfortable bean-bags for those wishing to relax more when they are in their Library sessions. 

Science Laboratories:

Our Science Laboratories are fully equipped with all the latest safety precautionary equipment. The laboratories have been designed in a spacious environment with excellent lighting to ensure that the students can carry out their classes and experiments optimally.

ICT Laboratories:

Our ICT Laboratories are equipped with the most updated interactive whiteboards and projectors with brand new computers that will be used by the students during their class-time. 

Nurses Room:

At our school we have a fantastic registered nurse who is available at any time throughout the school day. In the case of any unfortunate sickness or accident, she will provide medical assistance. Parents should also note that they should ensure that our school has the updated emergency contact details incase of an accident where we need to inform someone. If the child has any existing conditions, parents should ensure that the school are aware. 

Outdoor Facilities:

We are fortunate enough to have a very large outdoor area with a football pitch and some outdoor play equipment for our little ones. Although the climate in Qatar can be very hot, we always make the most of the outdoor set-up when the weather is kind enough! The outdoor area is also covered by a large shade which provides a safer spot for all of our students. 

Indoor Sports Hall:

We firmly believe in the importance of Physical Education to be able to provide our students with a healthy body and mind. Exercise is a vital part of education and this is why we have ensured that we have an all-year round suitable Indoor Sports Hall equipped with all sorts of sporting equipment. 

Cafeteria: Our school has a cafeteria which provides a variety of food choices for all. Our menu caters for different tastes and is healthily assorted in full compliance with the Ministry of Health regulations. If the student does have a food allergy then we should be informed to take any necessary precautions. 

Swimming Pool: Our school has an indoor swimming pool which is good in size and different depths suitable for different levels of swimmers. We have a comfortable waiting room allocated just by our main school entrance where parents are able to sit and observe their child swim through a large glass window.