Mr. Peter

My Name is Mr Peter Prystupa. I have the honor and privilege to have worked for the Edison Group for 4.5 years now as a senior leader and Founding Principal of this branch now. Having spent 29 years in Education, back in England and the international settings, of which more than 14 years in leadership roles, has enabled me to become an educational leader and mentor who serves his school community at the highest professional level. Academic studies and my degrees make me a lifelong learner who strives for excellence and so can positively contribute to the global society.

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A New Campus in
the Heart of Lusail

The youngest campus in the Edison Group located in Lusail City. It is going to be an excellent educational institution as well as the hub for the local community of residents of Lusail, Fox Hills Residential Area.

We Emphasize Advancement

EIA Lusail is fitted with the latest and greatest technologies and a state of the art facility.