About Us

  We strive to align our practices with Qatar’s cultural and traditional values by involving our students in activities that immerse them confidently in Qatar’s society whilst also following the National Curriculum of England.

  Team spirit is very much part of the ethos here and there are high expectations for all to work cooperatively, to make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

  Our philosophy is to educate our children as well-rounded individuals so that they contribute positively to society as they grow up. We ensure our children enjoy their learning and continuously improve their creative and social progress so that they leave our school well-prepared for the challenges life brings. We are committed to preparing all students to become lifelong learners

  This is a safe place to make mistakes – making mistakes is a good way to learn!

  There is a focused commitment on “Teaching and Learning”. Where there is an emphasis on mutual support through which we develop our shared professionalism. We are reflective and adaptive in our practice and believe that we are never too old or too wise to learn new things.

  We are confident and dedicated to succeed in the upcoming accreditation visit as a whole school effort to ensure our students are given every opportunity to contribute to the global society.