Edison International Academy, Lusail, is located in one of Doha’s most prime locations – on the boundaries of Lusail Park. Our brand new campus is comprised of four buildings and features state of the art facilities.

Building 1:

This building houses our Early Years and Primary classrooms. All classrooms are generous in space, well-lit and equipped with age appropriate furniture, designed to provide a stimulating learning environment where children can strive to go beyond the expected. A spacious Library allows children to discover the magical world of books and expand their horizons through the written word. Modern Science and ICT Labs aim at developing our learners’ critical thinking and application skills, and the Art and Music rooms encourage the building of self-confidence, imagination and creativity. A PE hall allows for physical development and the acquisition of team-working skills, which are also vital for academic development. Last, but not least, an especially designed Assembly Hall (Auditorium) makes it possible for students to showcase their learning to parents and peers alike.

Building 2 and Building 3: 

These two buildings are reserved for our students in the Secondary stage and comprise of classrooms that are designed to enable students to expand on their learning in the primary years, to enhance their skill set and to prepare themselves as best as possible for achieving the highest grades at their IGCSE and AS Level examinations. In both buildings, students can put the theory learnt into practice in a Science Lab and an ICT lab, and with it work on advancing their critical thinking skills. A PE hall in each building assist in developing agility and quick thinking as well as collaboration skills and a shared Library allows students to practise their research and independent learning skills while discovering the wonderful world of books.

Administration Building – ‘The Palace’: 

Here, our administration staff is happy to assist parents and students alike. Offices are inviting and parents are welcome to schedule a tour around the school premises with our reception staff. 

Outdoor and Sports Facilities:

Physical activity is part of holistic education as a healthy body is home to a healthy mind. At Edison International Academy, Lusail, students can enjoy multiple age-appropriate and shaded outdoor areas, the above mentioned three PE halls, as well as a 25 metre swimming pool and other sports facilities. 

School Clinic:

Always having children’s well-being and health and safety in mind, we employ two registered nurses in our school clinic who will assist children in the unfortunate event of illness or accidents. Parents are asked to notify the school of any pre-existing condition their child may have and are urged to ensure that the school has the correct contact information in case of an emergency.


Poor nutrition in childhood has effects that can last a lifetime

 Our Lusail campus is equipped with two cafeterias, where we strive to promote healthy eating. This goes hand in hand with promoting a healthy lifestyle and food high in nutrition, so that children can focus appropriately in their studies. 


Therefore, we are working with ‘Cater Us’, who provide healthy food choices for our schools in the two cafeterias on school premises, and packed lunches which is delivered directly to the classrooms. ‘Cater Us’ offer a variety of menus that cater for diverse tastes, staying true to Ministry of Health regulations. 

Children, and parents alike, will receive the food choices available a week in advance and are asked to submit their selection every Wednesday for the coming week.  

We understand that some children may choose to select their lunches at the cafeteria counter directly; thus, ‘Cater Us’ also provides this option.

In both cases, children will be issued with food vouchers, which can be purchased from the school reception.  

Parents are asked to inform the school of any allergies and/or food intolerances their child may have, so that we can take the necessary precautions. 


Parents who prefer their child to bring a packed lunch from home, are asked you to select healthy food choices, and to refrain from packing processed foods in their child’s lunch box. Please refer to the Healthy Eating Policy for more information.