At Edison Global Academy, Lusail, we are fully aware that all children in our care are growing up in a fast paced, multi-cultural and international society. It is, therefore, incredibly important to provide them with a strong educational background, but also sound social and emotional skills, so that they can withstand the pressures and challenges they may come across throughout their life with their heads held up high.

Our Vision:

‘Empower students to learn for life and strive for excellence so that they can contribute positively tothe global society’

Our Mission:

‘Prepare all pupils through a relevant, challenging curriculum and well-resourced facilities to become lifelong learners contributing to a global community’

Our Motto:

‘Nil sine labore – We achieve nothing without effort’

Our Core Values:

  • Respect and Responsibility

  • Excellence and Achievements

  • Pride and Integrity

  • Challenge and Success

  • Teamwork and Empowerment

  • Open Communication

  • Acknowledge Accomplishment

Our core values match the school’s Vision and Mission, as we aim to enable all to become:

1. Skillful students:

Skillful students in speaking, writing, reading and listening so as to be empowered with such tools, transferring them from subject to subject via a challenging, exciting and relevant up-to-date curriculum specific to the needs of the student cohort. This will ensure outstanding achievements and secure excellence

2. Lifelong learners

We pride ourselves in developing respectful lifelong learners via giving them leadership skills, encouraging love for reading, love for literacy based activities, a thirst for local, national and international news so as to be prepared to hold discussions with people different countries, cultures and languages. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning, to be aware of other communities and take responsibilities with regards to developing their immediate environment and learning experience.

“Empower students to learn for life and strive for excellence so that they can contribute positively to the global society”

3. Students who strive for excellence

To become the best that they can be by having pride in reaching their potential via a varied, exciting programme of study suitable to the needs of all students, but also via a personal and social programme that teaches students their rights and responsibilities towards others, but also towards their immediate environment – students can become behaviour monitors, council representatives for example which empowers them, allowing them the opportunity to strive for leadership roles and to assist others to Lusail to be like them thus contributing positively to the local school community as well as the national and global society.

4. Aware of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle

Through the curriculum and through assemblies, we prepare our students to be knowledgeable about healthy lifestyle, thus challenging old concepts and embracing new ideas on health and safety. We lead them to understand how to strive in an ever rapidly changing world with new discoveries andnew ways of living one’s life, taking into consideration that how we consume food impacts on ourhealth and environment.

5. Proud, young people with integrity

To be proud of one’s school, of one’s community, of one’s environment and to encourage honesty and integrity in every aspect of school life. To embrace this culture of integrity so that one’sreputation grows and matures into responsible, caring people that are prepared to become part of a global society. Through team work, we encourage them to respect one another and contribute positively within groups. We empower them with the skills to help others because they want to improve themselves to be the best they can be along with a will to become useful and respected members of their community.