Principal’s Welcome

We want our children to enjoy and benefit from a first-rate education. Our youngest and latest academy in Lusail is a purpose built, safe, happy and inclusive school where hard work, good behaviour, creativity and progress are prized.

Having spent 25 years in Education, of which more than 10 years in leadership roles have enabled me to become an educational leader and mentor who serves its school community. Academic studies and my degrees make me a lifelong learner who can contribute to the global society.

All Qatari and International families are welcome, respected and encouraged to play an active part in their children’s learning. Each and every child experiences success, grows in self-belief and increases in confidence. I believe that childhood is a very special gift that should be treated with the utmost care. All children are offered opportunities to grow in self-belief, express their individuality, and develop the confidence to take the next step in life and their next step in learning.


As key adults, we respect this unique gift of childhood and ensure that it is as perfect as possible for each boy and girl. We think that every child, without exception, is entitled to a set of exciting learning experiences that they can deposit in a bank of childhood memories to remember and savour for a lifetime to become world citizens who strive for excellence and contribute to their society in a positive way.