Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to Edison International Academy, Aspire. If you still do not find an answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Do you have a school uniform?

Yes. All our children are expected to wear full school uniform. All uniform items can be purchased directly at the school

When are school fees due and how is payment to be made?

School fees are due as per the published dates on the School Fees Policy. These dates are subject to change from one academic year to the next. Payments can be made via bank transfer or in cash/cheque with the school’s accounts officer. Unfortunately, card payment is not available at the moment.

What if something gets lost?

Please make sure all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name so that it can be returned if found.  All lost items are collected at the end of each school day. The lost property storage is in the main reception building near the stairs. 

Can my child wear jewelry in school?

For safety reasons children should not wear any jewelry in school. However, if your child has pierced ears, small studs may be worn. 

What do I need to do if my child is going to be absent from school?

After being absent a written explanation is required when the child returns. We consider regular attendance to be most important, but please keep your child at home if s/he is sick. If there is a need for your child to be collected from school during school hours, parents must sign an early leave note at the office, before collecting the child.

Do I need to do anything if my child is late for school?

On occasions where a late arrival is unavoidable, students are required to have a late note from the office before going to class.

Can I take my child away from school before 1pm? 

If a child is leaving the school before 1pm, an early leave request must be obtained from the School Office. This is a legal requirement to protect your child. A note is required for all absences whether part or whole day.

What happens if my child has an accident at school?

Unfortunately, sometimes children do have accidents or become unwell whilst they are at school and we need to call you. It can add to your child’s distress if we are unable to contact you.  Please ensure that we have up to date contact telephone numbers for you and tell us straight away if these change.

How can I help my child settle into school?

Bring your child to school on time. Arriving late can mean that your child misses important information about the lesson. It can also be embarrassing for your child and is disruptive for the class.

How do I find out about my child’s achievement?

Our teachers enter your child’s achievement grades on the school information system, Mograsys, latest 48 hours after the assessment has been administered. Please log on to the Parent Portal to retrieve the results. Should you have any further questions about your child’s results, please contact your child’s teacher directly via the Parent Portal communication link.

What if my child is underachieving?

Generally, your child’s teacher and/or the school management will contact you, should your child be found to be underachieving in certain curricular areas. The school will then discuss with you the intervention options we can offer your child at school. If you would like your child to receive extra assistance at school, please contact your child’s teacher or the school management. 

How can I assist my child’s learning and the school in general?

Please ensure that you attend parent/teacher consultation days and special events in school; help out with fundraising; offer to go on school trips; notify us of absences; read all the letters that your child brings home as well as those posted online; support your child with homework; read together; give praise and encouragement.

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