Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to Year 9)

At Edison International Academy, Aspire, the Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – Year 9) curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England, and builds on the work covered and the skills acquired in the upper Key Stage 2. In our Key Stage 3, students study a wide range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, ICT, History, French, Arabic, Islamic Studies and PE.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, there are tutor groups; most classes in our Secondary years are of mixed ability, however, students may be grouped into ability sets in select subjects to cater for various ability levels and for teachers to be able to challenge their students appropriately, so that maximum learning outcomes can be achieved.

In this first stage of secondary education, boys and girls are taught separately in all subjects.

Homework is given to all students in Key Stage 3, and they are expected to complete this conscientiously and hand it back to the respective subject teacher in due time.

Children studying in this Key Stage are encouraged to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world in which they live and which they will work in; to have an enquiring mind, to be creative thinkers, good communicators and independent learners.

Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & Year 11) – IGCSE Courses

In Years 10 & 11, all students at Edison International Academy, Aspire, start preparing for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. The IGCSE curriculum is set out over two years; therefore, most students will sit for the examinations in Year 11. These examinations are set and marked in the UK and are acknowledged by colleges and universities worldwide. 

The IGCSE curriculum builds on content learnt and skills acquired during Key Stage 3, and focuses on developing vital educational skills, including recall of knowledge, oral skills, problem solving ability, initiative and investigative skills. This means, that students who wish to study at this level, must prove that they have acquired the necessary by the end of Year 9. Students are expected to study eight subjects at IGCSE level, whereby they will focus on six in Year 10, and will choose an additional two options in Year 11. 

Streams, including subjects currently offered at IGCSE Level at Edison International Academy, Aspire, are designed to cater for the three main study choices of students, namely medicine, engineering and humanities. 

Subject choices include:

  • English (Second Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Business Studies
  • ICT
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • French
  • Arabic (First Language)

Note: subject choices and programmes may be amended and/or extended in future academic years with the aim to best accommodate student future opportunities.

Edison International Academy, Aspire, is accredited by both main examination boards, Cambridge and Edexcel.

Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) – AS Level Courses

Edison International Academy, Aspire, currently offers education up to Year 12, the AS Level, where students may choose between two and four subjects they wish to study as an extension of the IGCSE courses.
Academic expectations at this level are high. Hence, students are only legible to study our AS level courses, if they have achieved a minimum of five passes at Grade 5 or above at IGCSE level. The passes must include English and Mathematics. The offer of a place is conditional on the student achieving the grade required and results being handed in to the school as soon as they have been issued by either examination board.

GL Benchmark Assessments:

At Edison International Academy, Aspire, we use external assessments to help us assess how or children’s learning is progressing in Maths and English.

These assessments are used by thousands of schools around the world, and will help us to compare our children’s academic level and progress with those of students in the same class but also with those students following the British education system around the world.

These assessments will be taken by all or selected year groups towards the end of the school year and, alongside our own teachers’ judgements and assessments, will help us build an in depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses.

This will enable us to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Edison International Academy, Aspire, by providing targeted interventions to help all students improve their knowledge, understanding and skills in these subject areas.

As with most standardised tests, the progress test in English assesses students’ technical English skills (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and reading comprehension (understanding of a passage). Questions vary in type from gap-fill spelling questions and simple multiple choice, to inference-based comprehension questions testing higher order thinking skills.

The progress test in Maths monitors students’ mathematical skills and knowledge, in areas such as number, shape, data handling and algebra, as well as their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. In Years 3 and above, students will take a mental maths exam, which will test their ability to solve numerical equations without using paper or a calculator.

Questions vary in type from simple numerical calculations to questions that require working out stages to be demonstrated, as well as mathematical problem solving questions.

If you have any questions about these assessments, feel free to arrange a meeting with our management team, who will gladly provide more information.

Learner Support

At Edison International Academy, Aspire, we educate a multi-national student cohort, where naturally, levels of proficiency in English and other subjects may vary. As we take the responsibility of giving all our students the best possible education, we have amongst our staff a dedicated Learner Support Team, who assist identified students towards reaching their learning goals so as to be able to access the curriculum fully.

In addition, students facing challenges in one or more academic areas, may be placed on Individual Educational Plans, with which they are expected to work on individual targets. These plans are put in place with parental agreement, in order to enable school and parents to work together to enable the child to achieve the academic goals set.

Edison International Academy, Aspire, cannot offer education to students with diagnosed special educational needs at present.

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