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Our fully qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers in the Primary department make every effort to make children feel at ease and comfortable throughout their years of primary education, so that they can progress and develop their skills, especially in Literacy and Numeracy. 


Edison International Academy, Aspire, follows the National Curriculum for England in teaching English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Art, ICT, PSHE and PE are also part of the curriculum, and are equally important, as they provide all children with a broader, more balanced education as well as skills that will enable them to navigate their lives confidently in various circumstances.  


We ensure that our essential goal for students to become lifelong learners and successful global citizens are met through a student-centred environment where students are given hands-on activities during lessons. Students from KS1 to KS2 are encouraged to express their ideas and lead discussions which enable them to develop their creative and critical thinking skills.  


In addition, and in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the State of Qatar, we offer daily Arabic lessons from Year 1 to Year 6, and our Muslim students are also educated in Islamic Studies.  

Children are also introduced to the Modern Foreign Language of French in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). 

Homework is regularly given to all children in the Primary Department; it is designed to complement and enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. Children are expected to complete this diligently and hand it back to their respective teacher by the due date. 

Throughout the primary years, there is a system of internal assessment; each child’s progress and development are fully documented. These assessments may include regular spelling tests, end of unit tests, assignments, or projects. In accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines for student assessment, there is typically one formal, summative assessment at the end of the school year (see Assessment Policy). 


To complement the learning that happens inside our classrooms, we have various co-curricular activities in place that regularly showcase not only our students’ knowledge, but also their motivation, competitiveness, and sportsmanship, which we consider important traits for a successful future. Spelling Bee and Quiz Bee Competitions, Funky Hat Maths days, and simple science experiments amongst others, offer these valuable learning experiences. Our themed days, such as Pink Day, Blue Day, and Odd Socks Day help our students to understand the values of being respectful and kind to others, as well as the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Integrated into our curriculum are Qatari national values and traditions, and the Qatar National Day and Eid celebrations further acquaint our children with Qatar’s heritage and national identity.  

We value a strong relationship with our parents; parent involvement is always welcome as this has a very positive impact not only on students’ learning experiences but also their academic achievement. There are Parent-Teacher-Meetings towards the end of each term, where parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s academic progress with the teacher. However, our teachers are happy to speak to parents at other appointed times, too. 

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